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Banteay Chmar, one of the lost temples of Cambodia


Monastery Of The King (by jamescharlick)

Jayavarman VII constructed Ta Prohm in honor of his family. The temple’s main image, representing Prajnaparamita, the personification of wisdom, was modelled on the king’s mother. The northern and southern satellite temples in the third enclosure were dedicated to the king’s guru and his elder brother respectively. As such, Ta Prohm formed a complementary pair with the temple monastery of Preah Khan, dedicated in 1191 A.D., the main image of which represented the Bodhisattva of compassion Lokesvara and was modeled on the king’s father.

Records state that the site was home to more than 12,500 people (including 18 high priests and 615 dancers), with an additional 800,000 souls in the surrounding villages working to provide services and supplies.

Much work has been done to stabilize the ruins, to permit access, and to maintain “this condition of apparent neglect.” As of 2013, Archaeological Survey of India has restored most parts of the temple complex some of which have been constructed from scratch. 

Wooden walkways, platforms and roped railings have been put in place around the site to protect the monument from further damages due to the large tourist inflow, unfortunate for photographers!


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